Doxylamine succinate (10 mg) pyridoxine hydrochloride (10 mg) delayed release tabletdiclectin caplet medium

Diclectin® is a prescription product. It must be prescribed by a qualified healthcare professional.

Diclectin®does not contain lactose, gluten or tartrazine. The product has also received Kosher-Passover and Halal certifications.  


Diclectin® is a trademark owned by Duchesnay Inc. Except for product identification purposes, no use of  the trademark, trade name or brand presentation elements is permitted without the prior written authorization of Duchesnay Inc.


Consumers: Consumer Information Leaflet on Diclectin (PDF)

For more information : 1 888 666-0611 or click here

Motherisk NVP Disease Management Helpline: 1 800 436-8477

Diclectin Surveillance Program Study Line: 1-888-744-0020

Information on the medical condition

Health professionals: For more information on Diclectin®:

Click here for PDF of the Product Monograph.

Also available from Duchesnay on request at: 1 888 666-0611 or click here